Our Mission: An Australia where no cat of any age or breed suffers from a preventable condition.

Every year, the Feline Health Research Fund funds ground-breaking  scientific and clinical research by Australian researchers into the causes, prevention and treatment of cat diseases.


A genetic study of the cannabinoid receptors in cats to improve the treatment of chronic pain, especially pain caused by arthritis.


The identification of marker genes for common cancers in cats to enable a more accurate diagnosis and treatment and also potential treatment targets for the different types of disease.


Testing the effect of appetite stimulants  on the incidence and severity of cat flu.  Studied in collaboration with RSPCA Queensland to track the benefits of therapies on their shelter cats.

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The Feline Health Research Fund Trustees are cat lovers and industry professionals who donate their time to improving the health and lifespan of Australia’s domestic cats.

The Fund has funded research every year since July 2007.

It relies on donations from indviduals, clubs and associations, breeders and professionals to provide its research grants.

Donations will fund grants for research that will materially improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cat diseases in Australia now and into the future.

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Our government-registered charity was originally set up by associations and cat lovers to promote domestic cat health in Australia and we need your help to continue the good work. 

If you can help by publicising our work, making a small regualar donation or starting a collection., we would love to hear from you and acknoweldge your assistance.