Applying for a Grant

Each year the Feline Health Research Fund calls for relevant research proposals from scientists, veterinarians and post-graduate students from Australian universities and research institutes.   Applications are assessed by expert peer reviewers and grants awarded based on their recommendations.

Please read the information below and refer to the FAQs page or email the Secretary at if you have any questions.

What we fund

The Fund supports relevant research from scientists, veterinarians and post-graduate students from Australian universities and research institutes.

Here is a list of a list of previously funded projects but applicants should not necessarily restrict themselves to the kinds of research in these examples.

Applicants could also consider research projects relating to improved or preventative health care for cats such as:

behavioural problems
breast cancer
eye problems
feline infectious peritonitis

immunisation protocols.
kidney, heart and liver failure
tooth and gum disease
skin conditions

Recent advances in genome science has demonstrated significant genetic similarity between species. Funds may be allocated to researchers who are enaged in investigating diseases of humans or other animal species that are relevant to cats.

How to apply

All applications for grants are to be made on the Small Grants Application Form.

Proposed studies must demonstrate eligibility as defined by the ATO Ancillary Gift Fund criteria.

Research must provide evidence of Animal Ethics approval for the proposed study.

Commercial applications that might flow from the research should be detailed.

Written progress reports in lay language are required at key stages of a study.

A final report, suitable for publication on the FHRF website, will be required.

The Feline Health Research Fund must be explicitly acknowledged in all publications emanating from funded research.

If you have queries, please consult the FAQs page.

For additional information please email the Secretary at

​The application timeline

Applications are assessed by the Trustees and, when necessary, shortlisted.

All applications under consideration or shortlisted will be sent for peer review before making a decision.

This process can take up to six months.

All applicants will be advised of the outcome of their applications once the final decision is made.

For any queries and requests for additional information please email the Secretary at