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The Feline Health Research Fund (the Fund) is a tax-deductible, non-profit Public Ancillary Trust Fund. It is administered by a volunteer Board of Trustees which meets as needed to conduct the work of the Fund and to award funding.

The Fund was established on July 1 2000 as a tax deductible, non profit Ancillary Gift Fund by the Coordinating Cat Council of Australia.  The Trust Deed requires that the Fund is established and shall be maintained in Australia for public charitable purposes within the meaning of item 2 of section 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 and which are charitable.

The Fund is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

The key responsibilites of the Board of Trustees are:

  • the proper governance of the Fund and the management its affairs
  • the award of grants to eligible bodies in line with its Statement of Purpose and Trust Deed
  • the responsible investment and management of monies held in the Fund
  • the growth of the Fund

The current Board of Trustees is:

  • Dr Carole Webb (Chair)
  • Helen Radoslovich (Secretary)
  • Dr Kathryn Hill
  • Dr Isobel Johnstone
  • Dr Vicki Lomax
  • Pamela Lanigan
  • Bernadette Roberts

Our Vision:

A state where no cat of any age or breed suffers from a preventable condition 

Our Mission:

To support the advancement of feline health and wellbeing by raising and directing financial support to important areas of feline health research relevant to the breeding and wellbeing of cats in Australia.

To promote that the development of best practice treatments to maintain feline health.

To support scientific and clinical research into the causes, prevention and cures of cat diseases. Funded research will be performed at eligible Australian universities and research institutes that have tax deductible gift status. Applicable research will be conducted under strict ethical guidelines that ensure the welfare of the cats involved. 

Board correspondence should be directed to the Secretary, email: felinehealthresearchfund@yahoo.com.au