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The Fund was established on 1 July 2000 as a non-profit, ancillary gift fund by the Coordinating Cat Council of Australia (CCCA) with a working party formulating initial guidelines.

It was launched on 21 July 2001 in Canberra and approved it’s first research grants in 2007.

In 2018 the Fund adopted a new Trust Deed which:

  • updated the Deed to reflect a new model deed preferred by the ATO
  • increased the number of Trustees to seven
  • removed the need for the CCCA member to be present in order for the Board of Trustees to be quorate
  • included an Australian Cat Federation member as one of the Trustees

The success of the Fund has been made possible by the contributions of a large number of organisations and individuals, including, but not limited to:

Ken Aitken

The Late Kel Duncan

Kerry Fowler

Christine Kindred

Maureen Norberry

Diane Oates

Karel Pittaway

Lesley Roberts

Diane Royal

The late Shirley Sargent

Sandra Weaver-Hall

Jenny West

The Coordinating Cat Council of Australia

Dr Julia Nicholls