About us

Our Aim

  • Support the advancement of feline health through research on preventable illness and development of optimal treatments.
  • Fund scientific and clinical research on the causes, prevention and cure of feline diseases.

Our History

  • Established on 1 July 2000 as a non-profit, ancillary gift fund by the Coordinating Cat Council of Australia (CCCA) with a working party formulating initial guidelines.
  • Launched on 21 July 2001 in Canberra.
  • Approved first research grants in 2007.


  • Dr Carole Webb
  • Dr Chris Jensen
  • Dr Isobel Johnstone
  • Dr Vicki Lomax
  • Dr Lyndy Scott
  • Helen Radoslovich
  • Bernadette Roberts

Consultant Veterinarian

Dr Richard Malik, Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney


Helen Radoslovich
6 Walker Place, Highbury, SA 5089
Phone: 040 812 319
Email: felinehealthresearchfund@yahoo.com.au

Administrative, Legal and Other Support

Establishment and maintenance of FHRF has been generously provided by the following supporters (listed alphabetically):

  • Ken Aitken
  • The Late Kel Duncan
  • Kerry Fowler
  • Christine Kindred
  • Maureen Norberry
  • Diane Oates
  • Karel Pittaway
  • Lesley Roberts
  • Diane Royal
  • The late Shirley Sargent
  • Sandra Weaver-Hall
  • Jenny West
  • Coordinating Cat Council of Australia

Lifetime Friend of the Fund
Jenny West

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Helen Radoslovich: 0408 812 319