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Worship on Mondays

Each Sunday we gather for a meal of thanksgiving called Eucharist. During an hour or so together, we share word, song, and prayer to remind each other of God’s love for us and all the world. Eating and drinking help us to remember Jesus who shows us God’s love on the way, at the table, and into the world. Following worship, we usually share stories over some coffee and snacks.

The event is ongoing.

Cats are made healthier and happier as a result of the research carried out by Australian researchers.

The Feline Health Research Fund funds this research and passes on the lessons to owners of domestic cats everywhere.

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We carry on this work solely due to the kindness of donors and bequests.  If you would like to help us, find out how here.

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Our grants may be jsut what you need to pursue your research inot feline health and wellbeing

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