Research points to better cat pain relief

In our latest funding round, we are supporting research at the University of Sydney, exploring new ways to treat arthritis-related chronic pain in cats by studying their cannabinoid receptors. This research project is tackling a major issue in feline health: the lack of safe and effective treatments for arthritis pain.

Arthritis affects a lot of older cats—about 92% show signs of degenerative joint disease. Current treatments like non-steroidal anti inflamatories and nerve growth factor inhibitors give limited relief and can be expensive or come with safety concerns. This makes finding new solutions more urgent than ever.

Cannabidiol (one of the non-psychoactive elements of cannabis) has been used to treat dogs for some time but its use to treat cats is in early stages.

Our research focuses on using genomic data to better understand and target cannabinoid receptors (CNR1 and CNR2), which play key roles in managing pain and inflammation. By studying the genetic variants of these receptors in cats, there is the potential to develop better treatments for arthritis-related pain.

Thank you for your encouragement and support. There is the potential to make a real difference in the lives of cats suffering from arthrititic pain as this research flows through to vetinary practice.

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You can support this and other ongoing research into cat health issues by visting our donations page.

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